"My own Philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one should help others to help themselves, and one should keep going despite heavy weather for there is always a calm ahead."
L. Ron Hubbard

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etoro crypto This page has a twofold purpose:
It is meant to answer all the questions we're ocasionally asked about Scientology® Applied Religious Philosophy - but more importantly etoro app it is a resource for you to use, with practical answers that can help you improve your life.

Wisdom is to be shared. Knowledge is to be used. Life is to be enjoyed. May you find etoro australia happiness and fulfillment in your daily life today and always.


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The category 5 cyclone, named "Larry," made landfall in Innisfail (northern Queensland) in Australia, with winds up to 290 kmh. All along the east coast has been seriously affected; from Townsville up through Innisfail, Cairns, Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation.


Volunteer Minister In-Charge
Church of Scientology Brisbane
61-7 3257 4055 - brisbane@scientology.net

Volunteer Ministers Hotline
Australia 61-2 9264 7955


Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Australia cyclone Larry Brisbane Innisfall area


Are you a friend of yours? binomo brasil
Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.
binomo vn In this society, where aberration flourishes in the crowded cities and marts of business, few are the men who have not been subjected, on every hand, to a campaign to convince them that they are much less than they think they are.
You would fight anyone who said of your friends what is implied about you. It is time you fought for the best friend you will ever have�yourself. binomo forex

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Scientology "not a once a 'once-a-day-religion'" - March 2006, Battlecreek Enquirer
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Scientologist Missionaire helps Tibetan Monks to help others - Dec 22, Scientology.org
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Big Yellow Tents at Hemming Plaza - First Coast News
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Actor Cruise opens second detox centre - BBC.com, Thursday, 10 June, 2004
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Church of Scientology establishes Youth For Human Rights chapter in New Delhi - Scientology.org - June 2004
David Pomeranz and Ernie Reyes at the Gran Opening of the Scientology Mission of Philippines - Press World - Religion, June 2004
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New headquarters for L. Ron Hubbard educational methods opens in St. Louis - Jefferson City News Tribune - July 27, 2003
L. Ron Hubbard-inspired teacher training center opens in county - STL Today - July 25, 2003
Tom Cruise speaks out about Dyslexia
- TeenHollywood.com - July 12, 2003
Tom Cruise: Scientology Helped Me
- YahooNews - July 11, 2003
New avenue for South Africa junkies - News24.com - July 7, 2003
Center celebrates new starts - Rehab facility helps people shake their substance abuse - Battlecreek Enquirer - June 28, 2003
DIY rubbish collectors help council clean up area - SurreyOnline.co.uk - Jun 25 2003
Scientology class suits shy Hindu - SMH.co.au - June 24 2003
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Jag’s Catherine Bell Signs Dianetics Book Packages For Troops At Book Expo America - Bookflash - June 2003
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Narconon publishes booklet to dispell false information about drugs - Grundy County Herald - April 23, 2003
Scientology expands Tampa presence - St. Petersburg Times - March 28, 2003
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- Stuff - December 27, 2002
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Scientology gets tax-exempt status
- The News Zealand Herald - December 27, 2002
New Zealand Scientology church now a charity - The News Zealand Herald - December 28, 2002
Scientology Could Be Taught in Schools
- Ham&High Online - November 23, 2002
The Power of One - Kelly Preston - Health Magazine - November, 2002
U.S. officials to visit Mexico prison to get look at drug program - SignOnSanDiego.com - Nov 21, 2002
Hometown Headliner - Chick Corea moved to Clearwater in 1997 - St. Petersburg Times - October 2002
Scientologists, Volunteers Feed Thousands of Workers - The Daily Advertiser - October 7, 2002
Work Progresses on Rehab Center - Battlecreek Enquirerer - October 2002
Unmistakable Presence
- Scientology's largest facility in the world has altered the Clearwater skyline. - St. Petersburg Times, July 2002
Delphi Academy celebrates - Milton Times - June 2002
Scientology Thanks Utah For Warm Reception - Deseret News, Feb 27, 2002
Scientology Reaches Out to Troubled With Ad Campaign - St. Petersburg Times - Feb 8, 2002
Exhibit To Offer Photos Of Scientology Founder - Deseret News - Feb 2, 2002
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The CRIMINON Program - The Road To Self Respect - Freedom Magazine, 2001
Scientology purchases a high-rise in downtown Clearwater - St. Petersburg Times - Dec 20, 2001
21 saved after roof caves in on Pretoria mall (Volunteer Ministers help) - IOL - Dec 20, 2001
Berlin Court Rules German Govt Spying On Scientologists Unconstitutional - Religious Tolerance - Dec 14, 2001
Artisan/Businessman Credits Scientology for his Success - Puget Sound Business Journal - Nov 9, 2001
Scientology Earns an Assist At Ground Zero - NY Daily News - November 4, 2001
A View From The Pew - A Visit To The Hawaii Church Of Scientology - Hawaii Star Bulletin - Oct 27, 2001
Concert at L. Ron Hubbard Foundation Raises Thousands for NYC Victims - Annanova - Oct 22, 2001
The New Look of 'Men' of Cloth - Scientology Volunteers at Ground Zero Change America's View on What It Means to Be a Minister - Oct 18, 2001
Celebs On A Scientology Mission - Jenna Elfman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley band together to form a new Scientology Mission in the aftermath of Sept 11. - ET Online, Oct 2, 2001
Gulf War Hero Helping Others Heal - Dianetics.org - Sept 2001
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City of Clearwater, Scientologists help each other - St. Petersburg Times, June 22, 2001
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Italy 2000 - Scientology Wins Mother Of All Cases - Cesnur, May 5, 2000
South Africa Recognizes Scientology as a Religion - South Africa Dispatch Online, April 2000
Sweeden Recognizes Scientology - Freedom Magazine - May 2000

More People in KC Finding Way To Scientology's Door - Kansas City Star - May 22, 1999

New School To Use Ideas Of Scientology Founder - St. Petersburg Times - Sept 9, 1998
Cisco Exec Supports Hubbard Administrative Courses - Government Technology - June 1998

Scientology Receives Full Religious Recognition from French Court - Scientology News, June 1997


Political dissident released from psychiatric death camp - Nov 13, ClickPress
Religious patients with mental-health needs find few easy answers - July 22, The Orange County Register
Surviving depression - July 20, Sun/Star
Overlooking evidence of harm - July 15, NewJersey.com
Bill to curb drugs in kids passes - May 6, Online Ledger
CCHR Testifies Before Presidential Commission On Safety Of Children Under Psychiatric Care YahooNews - Nov 13, 2002 Psychiatry On Trial - eMissourian - November 18, 2002
Gifts Seen Effective by Drug Company Reps - The Boston Globe - November 17, 2002
"I Was Told To Dope My Kid" - Should school systems be allowed to recommend that children be put on psychoactive drugs? - NY Post - August 7, 2002
Peace Corps paranoia - Scores of Peace Corps volunteers suffer crippling paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, memory loss, suicidal behavior and physical ailments, seizures because of the drug handed out by government doctors - United Press- August 5, 2002
Soviet-Era Psychiatric Wards Under Focus in Russian Colonel Trial - A Russian Colonel on trial for murder and his insanity defense plea have shifted focus on the infamous and largely unreconstructed Soviet-era psychiatric institutions - Tehran Times - August 5, 2002
More locks, but less care for patients - Many mental health patients face unnecessary isolation and unfair assessment according to a former chief of Britain's top hospitals - The Independent - August 4, 2002
Forget the dope - Feel-good chemicals in the brain, similar to the active ingredient in cannabis, can wipe out memories, dampen nerve cell action and wipe out memories, German scientists said. - News24.com - August 1, 2002
Cuban psychiatric nurse convicted of lying - Former psychiatric nurse convicted of concealing role in electroshocks - CNN.com - August 1, 2002
'We need people to speak out about it' - Comedian Jo Brand joins growing list of supporters for The Independent on Sunday's Mental Health campaign. - Independent - August 2002
We're all after a quick fix- Widespread drug use is inevitable in our consumer culture - Guardian - August 1, 2002
Mental Health Parity Warning To Congress: "Don't Show Psychiatrists The Money Until They Show You The Scientific Proof" - YahooNews, August 2002
Billions Wasted on Identifying, Labeling Illiterate Children as 'Mentally Disordered' - YahooNews, August 2002
Pill to cure shopping disorder fuels fears over lifestyle drugs - Claims that a pill cures compulsive shopping disorder raises fears that new illnesses are being promoted by pharmaceutical firms in order to sell their drugs. - Sunday Herald - August 2002
Margot Kidder says dropping psychiatric drugs helped her beat mental illness - "For me, the solution was finally getting away from psychiatric drugs and actually healing my body so I wouldn't have the symptoms that are called mental illness," said Kidder - AP Online - July 28, 2002
Misguided Medicine - A stunning finding about antidepressants is being ignored. - Washington Post - July 29, 2002
Psychiatrist on Catholic Panel Criticized - Psychiatrist on the Catholic Church's sexual abuse review board closely affiliated with controversial group - Washington Post - July 27, 2002
Lilly Profits Fall, Plant Woes Loom - Reuters, July 18, 2002
Lilly 2Q falls sharply - CNN Money, July 18, 2002
Behavioral drugs should be researched first - USA Today, July 14, 2002
Prozac Depresses Eli Lilly - SmartMoney, July 2002
Sixteen-Year Old Gets Prozac in the Mail - Washington Post, July 2002
Mental Health Insurance is an Empty Notion - L.A. Times - July 2002
Mental Health Watchdog Applauds President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education - YahooNews, July 2002
'Mentally ill need help, not locking up' - "We are talking about the incarceration of people who haven't done anything," - The Independent - July 7, 2002
Have you any idea what kind of life someone detained in hospital leads? - Patients hoping for improved care from the new mental health laws are going to be disappointed. Instead they can look forward to forced injections or even internment - The Independent - June 30, 2002
The treatment of the mentally ill shames us all - Mental Health Bill attacked as 'morally indefensible and ethically corrupt'. - The Independent - June 30, 2002
Money and Madness - Insight - June 2002
List Of Recent School Schootings - Yahoo News - April 29, 2002
Florida Psychiatrist Acquited Of Having Sex With Multiple-Personality Patient - Yahoo News - April 29, 2002
Here, Life Is Squalor And Chaos - NY Times Investigates Mental Health Facilities - April 28, 2002
For Mentally Ill, Death and Misery - A New York Times Investigation - April 28, 2002
Sign the Petition for a Prozac Investigation - Over 7,000 signers so far!
Prozac link to tumour growth? National Electronic Library for Health - March 2002
Researcher Sees Link Between Prozac and Brain Cancer - YahooNews, March 26, 2002
Human Rights Group Files Complaint on Yates' Psychiatric Treatment - MSNBC - March 15, 2002
Family Tragedy - Did Drugs Distort Mother's Nature? - Yates was on 4 powerful psychiatric drugs - Insight Feb 27, 2002
Watch Those Kids' Meds - CBS News - January 21, 2002
Drug Firms Lavish Pricey Gifts On Doctors - How Drug Companies Court Your MD - Washington Post - Jan 19, 2002
Baughman Dispels The Myth of ADHD - Renowned Neurologist debunks the 'disease' of ADD/ADHD
SAFE HARBOR Awarded Grant for improving Mental Care - Nov 2001
Out Of Control - An article on ADHD - CBS News - Nov 9, 2001
Kids Get Psychiatric Drugs Too Often - USA Today - Oct 22, 2001
5 Columbine Families Sue Drug Maker - AP - Oct 21, 2001
Ritalin More Potent Than Cocaine, Study Shows - Observer, September 9, 2001
Eli Lilly Exposes Prozac.com Subscribers - Forbes, July 2001
They Got Prozac! - Eli Lilly and Co. released the e-mail addresses of more than 600 people on Prozac. - WiredNews, July 2001
Psychiatry Labels and Drugs Your Kids For Profit - Canadian Information Campain - July 2001
The Link Between Antidepressants and Mayhem - NewsMax - July 2, 2001
The FDA Ban of L-Tryptophan: Politics, Profits and Prozac - LifeExtension, April 2001
Schools Force Children To Take Drug, Parents Say - Observer, April 22, 2001
Educate Before You Medicate Your Kids - CBS News - Jan 24, 2001
Ritalin Abuse On The Rise In Young People - CBS News - Dec 28, 2000
Too Many Kids On Too Many Drugs? - CBS News - Dec 8, 2000
The Legal Wrangle Over Ritalin - CBS News - September 22,2000
Prozac, Xanax, Ritalin linked to Murder Attempt and Vicious Rape of Young Woman - York Daily Record, September 8, 2000
Ritalin Banned For Under 5s - Observer - September 3, 2000
Tainted Alliances - Are Doctors Shilling For Drug Companies? - Salon.com - Aug 18, 2000
Schools Push Ritalin, Panel Told - Columbus Dispatch - May 17, 2000
Questions Raised Over Ritalin - CBS News - April 21, 2000
Ritalin Made My Son A Demon - Observer, April 9, 2000
Recreational Ritalin - Is Ritalin being abused? - ABCNews - May5, 2000
Violence Linked To Prozac - Observer, March 20, 2000
A Different kind Of Drug War (Violent Behavoir in Children taking Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs) - Insight Magazine - Dec 13, 1999
Are Psychiatrists Betraying Their Patients? - Psychology Today - ept/Oct 1999
Revealed: The Danger Of Taking Prozac - Guardian, September 4, 1999

Children of Prozac If your youngster has more than the blues, he may be depressed. But is the popular prescription drug the right treatment? - Post-Gazette, March 1998



Glossary - Every subject has its terminology. You'll find most definitions here.

How To Live With Children
"Affection could no more spoil a child than the sun could be put out by a bucket of gasoline." LRH
Helping Children - Scientology Books, Materials and Courses for Parents
A Child's Right To Contribute - An Article on Raising Children
Raising a Child and Providing Hope for the Future - How Can Scientology Help Me With...?
Learning Is Fun! - Study Skills for Children
Drug-Free Marshals - Keeping Kids Off Drugs
Fight For Our Kids! - Fightforkids.org seeks to educate parent on the dangers of labeling and overmedicating kids
Don't Let Shrinks Drug Your Kids - A downloadable PDF informational brochure
International Children Crusade - Combatting Child Abuse
SET A GOOD EXAMPLE - The Concerned Businessmen Association of America
AbleChild.org - parents for label-free, drug-free education
Ability Plus School
Mojave Academy - An education in competence
Clearwater Academy
Real Solutions to Real Problems - a non-profit, public benefit Corporation dedicated to helping those who have been told
they have "ADD/ADHD."
The Magic Triangle - Increasing empathy and understanding
Success Through Communication - A highly reocmmended Life Improvement course that can be done part-time in less tan two weeks, costs less than $100
What is Marriage? - What makes marriage work? (applicable to any committed relationship)
How Not to Feel Victimized - Taking control of your relationship
Marriage Success - FREE online book and links to Marriage Counseling (applicable to any committed relationship)
Targets And Goals - Defining Your Administrative Scale
The Credo of a Good Manager - The key components of good managerial skill
Hubbard College Of Administration - Training Tomorrow's Leaders

Articles by L.Ron Hubbard:

  What Is An Executive?
  The Man Who Succeeds
Living in a Drugged & Polluted World - Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our current culture...

Moving Sam - Relocating a 125-ton oak tree in Clearwater, Fla

Social Betterment - improving your local neighborhood

Volunteer Ministers - An article from Freedom Magazine

Something CAN be Done About It - Find help today
Bettering Communities - Scientology's Social Benefit Programs.
Anti-Drug Campaigns - Scientology in the community
Serving the Community and its Needs
World Literacy Crusade - The World Literacy Crusade is a non-profit, educational organization formed in 1992 by community leaders, ministers, parents, youth and educators concerned about the growing rate of illiteracy and the related social ills in their communities.
Hollywood Education and Literacy Project
Celebs On A Scientology Mission - Jenna Elfman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley band together to form a new Scientology Mission in the aftermath of Sept 11, 2001
Jenna Elfman's Website

Anne Archer in Germany - The renowned actress takes a stand for Religious Freedom

John Travolta, Anne Archer, Isaac Hayes, Lisa Marie Presley support Applied Scholastics - Celebrities promote literacy program
Kirstie Alley - Spokesperson for Narconon Drug Rehabilitation
Billy Sheehan - 'Mr.Big' bassist talks candidly about drugs
Willie Gault - Interview with an L.A. Raider
Keith Code - "Scientology Saved My Life"
Kelly Preston & John Travolta donate their time in support of L.A. Literacy project
Leah Rimini - An Interview with the CoStar of "King Of Queens"
John Travolta - Interview With BBC's Religion & Ethics Section
Chick Corea - An Interview with CalendarLive
Haywood Nelson (Dwayne from "What's Happening!")
Ugo Moi - Italian Artist, Scientologist
Priscilla Presley & Lisa Marie Presley
Chick Corea - A Profile
Travolta Promotes Air Travel - AP, July 2002
Scientology Improves Relationships - Individual Success Stories
Marathon For Religious Tolerance - Runners' Bios
Notable Scientologists - from dmoz.org
Scientologists.org - Successes of Scientology
International Association of Scientologists

Founding Scientologists - Founding Scientologists Talk About their experiences

Scientologists On-Line - Meet Over 16,000 Scientologists
Church Leadership:
  Mr. David Miscavige - Chairman of the Board - Religious Technology Center
  Mr. Mark Rathbun - Inspector General - Religious Technology Center

Rev. Heber Jentzsch - The President of the Church Answers Your Questions.

International Human Rights Office of the Church of Scientology
Parishioners.org - In Defense Of Religious Freedom
One Europe, One Union, One Faith? - Comments on the persecution of Scientologists in Europe
Interfaith Voices

CESNUR - Center for Studies on New Religions

C.A.N. - Cult Awareness Network - Provides factual information on faiths and cults worldwide
Hatewatch Germany - Echoes of the holocoast
Religious Freedom
Religious Tolerance.org - Spearheading religious freedom
Religions In North America - posted at Nardin Academy's site
Religious Freedom Page - University of Virginia
Interfaith Voices For Peace And Justice - an Interfaith community of religious organizations working for social betterment
List of Multifaith and Religious Sites
United Religions Initiative
Free Online Personality Test - The Oxford Capacity Analysis
Artists For A Better Word - a charitable organization
The Joy Of Creating CD - Cheering the World up!
Scientology Training and the Arts - Making Artists flourish
The Jive Aces - Scientology Swing Band
Narconon Newport Beach
Solutions to the Drug Problem - The Scientology Purification Program

Jeannie Trahant - Drug Rehabilitation Counselor

NARCONON - America's Most Effective Drug Rehab Program
The Life Cycle and Mechanics of Addiction
Information on Marijuana
Information on Ecstasy

Information on Heroin

Exposing the Fraud
THE SHOOTING DRUGS -- PROZAC and its Generation EXPOSED on the Internet - by Donna Smart - TrueBooks.com
Legal Law Help - Prozac and Elli Lilly:
According to lawyers representing patients who have taken Prozac, over 45,000 reports have been filed to the FDA, including 2500 concerning wrongful death by suicide or violence caused by severe agitation induced by Prozac... (read more)
PROZAC TRUTH - Who was paid to approve Prozac? What is found in the Freedom of Information Act that Lilly does not want you to know?
The Story Behind Prozac - by Thomas G. Whittle and Richard Wieland
Sign the Petition for a Prozac Investigation - Over 7,000 signers so far!
The Link Between AntiDepressants and Mayhem - an article on NewsMax.com
Death From Ritalin - the truth about ADHD
Prozac, Ritalin: - Dr. Breggin's resource website
"Mother's Little Helper" - How psychiatric drugs ushered the drug culture
Children on Drugs - Protect your child from misdiagnosis and overmedication
InfoSheet: - List of Cautions and Side Effects
What's Wrong With Ritalin? - from the Dr.Biofeedback site
Is Ritalin Bad? - A Nurse replies
A Match Made In Hades - How Drug Firms court Doctors
Conflicts of Interest - How Research is compromised
Overcoming Addiction to Psychiatric Drugs - People's personal stories
Ritalin is Big Business - Ritalin compared to Meth
Kurt Cobain - The connection between Ritalin and Suicide
ADHDFRAUD - Dr. Fred E. Baughman, Neurologist, exposes the FRAUD of ADD/ADHD
ADDVideo - Order Dr.Baughman's Video
NO MORE ADHD - by Dr. Mary Ann Block, MD
Say NO to Psychiatry - Gene Zimmer's site
The Tranquilizer Trap - Transcript of BBC Broadcast
"Trust Us, We're Experts" - book review
A History Of Failure - documenting Psychiatry's negative impact on Society
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
Support Groups/Resources
In the name of help - A novel about psychiatric abuse
Fight For Our Kids! - Fightforkids.org seeks to educate parent on the dangers of labeling and overmedicating kids
Prozac Survivor - A Prozac survivor's website, live since 1997
PSSG.org - Prozac Survivors Support Group
P.A.R. - Parents Against Ritalin
CCHR - Report Psychiatric Abuse or Misconduct
SAFE HEAVEN - A drug-free approach to overcoming Mental Illness
NARPA - Upholding the Human Rights of Mental Patients
The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses: The Truth About Ritalin, ADHD and Other "Disruptive Behavior Disorders" - by John Breeding
PsychCrime.org - Report psychiatric abuse - It's a crime!
"... DlANETICS™ technique is not hypnosis. You are not put in a trance. While completely awake and aware, you are guided through your own mind..."
Dianetics Seminars in Your Area - Attend a Free Seminar Today!
Understanding The Mind - The mind directs the individual in the effort of survival and bases its operations upon... (read more)
Dianetics Foundations Around The Globe - "May You Never Be The Same Again"
On Raising Our Level Of Consciousness - Pain, loss, emotional hurt all reduce our consciousness, moving us towards death. How does one revert this trend?
The Two Parts of the Mind - What is the Reactive Mind and how does it affect your actions?
50th Anniversary of Dianetics! - See video clips from around the World
3D Tour Of The Human Mind - Shockwave software required
Dianetics Successes - "I am positive there is no situation that any person can have no matter how horrible it may seem to the person that cannot be resolved using these techniques" M.B
Dianetics Seminars - Find a seminar near you
Dianetics, Scientology and beyond - by L.Ron Hubbard
Free Info Pack - Learn More!
The True Story Of Scientology - The simple story behind the sensationalist headlines

Common Misconceptions - Separating truth from rumors

Parishioners.Org - Safeguarding Religious Freedom

Freezone - A parasite group tries to cash in on Scientology's name

(See also: Scientology Standard Technology vs. Breakaway groups )
Being Good - An uneven yardstick
Our Intentions - in answer to hysteria and hearsay
The Siberia Bill - Why Psychiatric Groups attack Scientology
Psychiatry Current Target of the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights - Straight from the Psychiatric Times!
The Planned Revolution - by L. Ron Hubbard
Scientology's Future - Quotes by Civic Leaders and renowned experts
Clean Hands Make a Happy Life - What makes Man such stranger to happiness?

Morals and Ethics - Morals and ethics are entirely separate subjects. They are not even interrelated

The Code of Honor - The ethical code that guides the actions of Scientologists
CRIMINON - Effective Rehabilitation of the Criminal IS Possible
The Cause Of Crime - Is the remedy worse than the disease? Or does the 'remedy' cause the disease?
Criminals & Psychiatry - Incompetence - or something more sinister?
Alternative-Sentencing.com - A solution to overcrowded prisons
Riots - The bulk of American riots are caused by injustice.
Totalitarianism - How zealots and special interests seize power
Strong Voices In The Land - The cause and prevention of Revolution
Fast Justice - Unshackling our Justice System
Freedom Leaders - a site where you'll find the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and more.
VoteSmart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
The Race Against Man's Savage Instints - Can Peace be attained? Are we destined to continue killing each other?

Anatomy of Today's Terrorism - What lies behind 'mindless' acts of terror?

Today's Terrorism - by L.Ron Hubbard
Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero - Doing something About It
Times Must Change - "Unless there is a vast alteration in man�s civilization as it stumbles along today, man will not be here very long." (read more)
Dianetics and War - by L.Ron Hubbard
Economics - What is Money?
War and Tax - Some notes on the International Money Fund
CATS.org - Abolish the IRS!
A National Sales Tax System that does not penalize people for working
On The Difficulties of Researching In The Humanities - A Summary on Scientology for Scientists

NOTE: All these excerpts are listed on this page. The full lectures are available for purchase at this page.

Deterioration of Liberty - Has Freedom been lost?

Differences Between Scientology & Other Studies - A new approach to Understanding
The Dynamics - Who are you? What drives you?
Formulas for Success - Step-By-Step Roadmap to Success
Health and Certainty - Overcoming Illness
Increasing Efficiency - Removing the barriers to achievement
Man: Good or Evil? - How do you get a society that cares?
Man�s Relentless Search - "The history of man is studded with a number of errors. ... He was seeking to understand himself..."
Miracles - "...We have made it safe for Man to fight, because now he can fight those things that he considers evil - and win."
Money - Gaining control over a very prickly subject
Operation Manual for the Mind - L. Ron Hubbard Lecture on Operation Manual for the Mind.
Power of Choice and Self-Determinism - Who is running your life?
The Affinity, Reality & Communication Triangle - A simple concept that can greatly improve relationships
The Hope of Man - "The thousands of years in the field of religion have materialized in an actuality, which can be put into effect rather easily by an invididual."
The Road to Truth - "There is no short stop on the road to Truth."
Big Brother Gets Wired - The dark side of the Internet
The Good, The Bad & The Internet - Invasion of privacy, identity theft and other concerns
Poisoning the Web - Bigotry, Extremism and Violence

Solutions to Online Lies - Protecting yourself from slander

Bringing Ethics to the Computer World
Computer Ethics Institute
Insecure for the Duration - An article from the Washington Post
Copyright Enforced On The Net - GovTech Article
The Future of the Internet - It is changing our lives already. How will it affect our children's lives?
Online Guardians - Protect yourself and your kids
Global Locator - Find a Scientology Organization near you!
Virtual Tours of Scientology Organizations Worldwide
Saint Hill - An Advanced Scientology Organization in the United Kingdom
Dianetics Carolinas - Some notes on the International Money Fund
Life-Improvement.com - Field Group in New Mexico, US
It's A Ruby - Another Scientologist's website
Scientology Links - another great collection
Scientology in New Zealand
The Answers!
Zawawi Volunteer Ministers
The Better Life Center
James K. Newell - Life counseling that WORKS
Consulting Online - low cost service that analyzes difficulties in your life and recommends solutions
Debbie Collins - 26 years of hands-on experience as a Dianetics counselor
Counseling that Works - another Debbie Collins site
Vigil Field Group - Scientology and Dianetics field Auditors in Los Angeles, CA
LifeImprovement.com - Clear the barriers to your full potential
Scientology Links - another great collection
Scientology in New Zealand
JMBlog - Jere Matlock's blog

Clear Body, Clear Mind - The Official Page of the best-selling book. id your body of toxins! Feel more alive, regain your energy.

Past Lives - We have all been here before...

The Phenomena of Death - The Phenomena of Death.

Supreme Being - On the nature of God
The Ultimate Truth - What is man? What is his relationship to the universe? What is the universe?
Trapped - If one wants to understand existence and his unhappiness with it, he must understand entrapment and its mechanisms.
The Basic Mystery - By understanding one's fellow man Man can understand himself
The Rehabilitation of The Human Spirit - Scientology is not a psychotherapy. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.
Scientology: A Knowledge of Life - Overview
A Description of Scientology - Brief Summary, Basic Concepts
Scientology: A Religion of Life - Making Life better right here, right now.
An Applied Religious Philosophy - Scientology Auditing and Religious Services
Improving Relationships - How Scientology can help you with your loved ones
A knowledge of Life - The practical wisdom of Scientology
Auditing - Scientology's unique form of one-on-one spiritual counseling
The Bridge to a Better Life
A Roadmap for Spiritual Betterment
Creed of The Church of Scientology - What do Scientologists Believe
A Brief History - Timeline of a Vibrant Movement
Religious Heritage - The Religious Background of Scientology
Scientology FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
What is Scientology? - Authoritative Online Reference Site
Important Links - Information About Scientology
Theology And Practices - Reference Site on the Church of Scientology.
Churches, Missions and Groups - Scientology Near You
Ecclesiastical Hierarchy - How the Churches are Organized
The Bonafides of The Scientology Religion - Religious Scholars Weigh In
How Do I Learn About Scientology? - To Learn More
Introductory Services - Life Improvement Courses, etc.
Scientology Success Stories
Understanding the Scientology Religious Doctrine
Scientology Churches - Their Organizational Structure
Free Info Pack - Learn More!
Free Scientology Workshop
Tribute Site - L.Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) American Writer, Philosopher and Humanitarian; founder of the Church of Scientology.
L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile - brief Bio of an American Visionary
Adventurer/Explorer: - Daring Deeds, Unknown Realms.
The Artist: - Art and the Philosophy of Art.
Founder of Scientology: - The Man that started it all
LRH The Educator: - Literacy, Study Skills and Education
Freedom Fighter: - Articles and Essays
Humanitarian: - Rehabilitating a Drugged Society
Humanitarian: - The Road to Self-Respect
Letters and Journals: - Literary Correspondence.
Letters and Journals: - The Dianetics Letters.
Master Mariner: - Yachtsman
Music Maker: - Composer
Philosopher: - Rediscovering of the Human Soul.
Philosopher: - The Quest for Truth.
Poet/Lyricist: - Poems by L. Ron Hubbard.
Portrait of a Spiritual Pioneer: - The evolution of a new outlook on Life
Tributes and Recognitions: - A gallery of Awards
L. Ron Hubbard: Writer: - The Shaping of Popular Fiction.
Literary Correspondence from the early years of Dianetics
L.Ron Hubbard: A Chronicle
"To know life you've got to be part of life, you must get down there and look, you must get in the nooks and crannies of existence, and you must rub elbows with all kinds and types of men before you can establish what man is" L. Ron Hubbard
An independent study by J. Gordon Melton, Ph.D. - Managing Director of the Institute For The Study Of American Religion
Regis Dericquebourg - Professor, Sociology Of Religion - University Of Likke III, Lille, France
Fumio Sawada - Eighth Holder Of The Secrets Of Yu-itsu Shinto
Urbano Alonso Galan, Doctor in Philosophy, Licenciate in Theology - Gregorian University and St. Bonaventure Pontifical Faculty, Rome
Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th Ed. - 2001

AllExperts.com - Ask a question on Scientology! Allexperts.com is a free anonymous online service.


Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health

"Dianetics is an adventure. It is an exploration into terra incognita, the human mind, that vast and hitherto unknown realm half an inch back of our foreheads." � L. Ron Hubbard

Science Of Survival

How well can you predict human behavior?

Know how well you can trust a person. Truly understand yourself and others Predict accurately how good a friend, partner or anyone will be. Know how well someone will execute a project you give him. Gauge a person�s honesty. And much more.

Child Dianetics

�The sweetness and love of a child is preserved only so long as he can exert his own self-determinism.� �L. Ron Hubbard

  • How do you establish a trusting relationship with your child?
  • How much control is too much?
  • How do you guide kids through the pitfalls of growing up without breaking their spirit or dulling their perception?
  • How can you make friends with your children and earn their love and respect?

Read Child Dianetics, and use the knowledge in this book to create a happier future for your children�and for you!

Clear Body, Clear Mind

This planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress � drugs and other biochemical substances.

�These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.� � L. Ron Hubbard

We are faced with a desperate scene environmentally. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, contaminates are ever present. Where do these contaminates lodge in the body or do they? You bet, and this book tells you how to get rid of them, effectively.


Based on Dianetics breakthroughs, Self Analysis contains easy-to-learn exercises for you to do daily to increase your potentials far beyond what you have imagined possible.

  1. Find out where you are on the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation�a breakthrough chart which helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Apply the series of simple techniques each day to boost your self-confidence, increase your awareness and improve your memory.
  3. Take the before and after tests to measure your improvement.
Get this book and use it. You'll discover more about yourself in a few short weeks than you have in your entire life.

The Fundamentals Of Thought

Discover new and effective principles to make dramatic changes in your life and the world around you. Read this book and find out:

  • The three basic components of understanding. The three conditions of existence: the secret of being, doing and having in life.
  • The three parts of man: spirit, mind and body and how they are related.
  • The eight dynamic drives of life, and how to use these to create the life you want to live.

Introduction to Scientology Ethics

"The Breathrough in Scientology is that we do have the basic technology of ethics. For the fist time man can learn how to put his own ethics in and climb back up the chute." - L. Ron Hubbard

In modern society, man has confusions between ethics, justice and morals. As these confusions inhibit a person's ability and happiness, the subjects are fully defined in the second chapter of the book. Introduction to Scientology Ethics contains the fundamentals of Scientology ethics and justice systems, with chapters devoted to the basics of ethics, the nature of man and the importance of applying the tech of ethics 100% standardly.


The Dynamics Of Life

What's holding you back from doing what you want in life?

In this book L. Ron Hubbard reveals the basic principle of existence which underlies all human actions and efforts. He describes the eight drives, or dynamics, which comprise life and demonstrates how each of these is essential to your survival.

Discover how the reactive mind blunts these powerful drives and how Dianetics frees you from past pain and releases your full energy and ability.


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