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Dear All,

Now and again you hear someone utter the line "I love the tech, but management is...." Invariably this is followed by natter or Black PR. In extreme cases, the person will then tell you he has started his or her own group to deliver the tech "correctly."

Let's be clear about something: Scientology cannot be delivered in any volume without a strong, capable organizational structure behind it. It has long been proven that an individual acting alone cannot accomplish anywhere near as much as an organized group. Our organizations are our best chance for making it, as a group and as individuals.

And this is something that is important to every Scientologist, even to the level of their own personal case gain.

As early as 1965, LRH was very clear about the value of our organizational structure. In the tape recorded lecture, "ORG BOARD AND LIVINGNESS," LRH said:

"It used to dismay me when I would clean somebody up as a case, and then he'd get into busy-busy-busy activity of some kind or another and go tearing off in a big business and not do anything for the forward motion. Because normally he would go out there and he would go for a while and he'd be all right, but after a while, why, he'd sort of cave in--loneliness and other things, you see? This was a bum show. So obviously, then, we weren't making our way with his case.

"So we find out that case stability depends upon the smooth organization of individuals. See? Sensible as that. And then we'll be able to make it all the way. And without an organizational shove back of that, then the guy goes up, and I don't care whether it's a thousand years--I don't care whether it's ten years, a thousand years or ten billion years--why, there he is in the theta trap, or there he is going downhill again, or there he is with all this stuff plastered all over his face, and he can't figure out what it is, and he's now forgotten how to run 8-C or Touch Assists. Well, you see, it'd be a temporary affair, and like and Earth government, wouldn't be worth doing.

"Now, it isn't that anybody is trying to weld everybody together to the end of time, but I should say offhand that every person and being, and so on, who is going up with Scientology ought to take Scientology up with him. Seems only fair. And then you'll find things will work out smoothly and very easily...."

"So an organization is not a necessary evil or not some reason why, and so forth. The organization is there to serve Scientologists and to handle the thing and the public and spread it out and so forth."


So, what have our organizations under current management accomplished? Looking at just the past decade, current management has been responsible for making all of LRH's tech and policy available --all one hundred percent verified as on-Source-- with the release of all LRH basic books, the new OEC Volumes and the new Technical Volumes. LRH's recorded lectures have been restored and released for all auditor courses, including the entire SHSBC. Management further released thirty OT Lecture series from the 1950s, available for the first time ever.

We also now have a crucial element to the standard application of LRH tech: all 29 technical training films written by LRH are complete in 14 languages for every Academy where auditors are trained.

And to make LRH tech accessible to virtually everyone, the on-ramps to the Bridge are now 53 languages -- or more than eight-tenths of the world's population.

And this tech is being delivered in twenty three hundred missions, groups and organizations all over the world.

As for how the world out there now views us -- it's a full eighty-seven percent name recognition with sales of LRH books now at 146 million worldwide and that's nearly doubled since 1990.

Here is what LRH said in 1983 about the contributions of current Church management. In LRH ED 352, TODAY AND TOMORROW, issued in November 1983, LRH was very clear:

"... I recently reviewed the state of present Scientology management and was close to ecstatic with what I found. As you know, things were in the doldrums a couple of years ago but since that time a new group of hard-line, dedicated and devoted managers have taken over the scene in all aspects from pole to pole and by close adherence to the very policy you find in the OEC Volumes and strategies evolved from close adherence to original intentions, have utterly reversed the scene and trends of the near past....

"Furthermore, branches of this same team have completely changed the legal picture internationally and those who were harassing Scientology in the past are beginning to present a panorama of coattails.

"... that is also due to the reorganization of the Office of the Case Supervisor International who is really on the ball making sure that out- tech is squashed wherever found and that straight tech is all that is getting delivered everywhere in the world.

"... The truth is the truth whether one says it is the truth or not. And contrary to false opinions and statements by others in the past, the above is the unvarnished truth...."

LRH ED 352 INT TODAY AND TOMORROW, November 17, 1983.

Further, in EDs 339R and 339R-1, LRH tells the staff to listen to the new management, acknowledging the reorganization that had just taken place at the time those were issued in the early 1980s.

Our leaders have stood the test of time for nearly two decades. It has taken Scientology through its greatest period of expansion.

LRH was very clear about people who would steer Scientologists away from our Churches. They are squirrels. They are unable to learn and apply straight Scientology, so they seek to alter it for their own purposes. A strong organization will put a stop to their plans. Thus, they attack management and senior Scientologists.

If such people really were skilled managers, they would BE in Church management. Some of these people used to be on staff, but were thrown out for being incompetent or out ethics (usually both). Some have never been on staff, but sit back making anyone who is actually trying to make things go right wrong for doing so.

LRH has provided the means to correct valid administrative outnesses within the hierarchy of Scientology. And where those methods have been used, they have been successful. Where people have decided that squirreling is their route, they have failed.

The fact is that as our Churches grow, they become attractive targets to people who don't want mankind to survive.

LRH said in Ron's Journal 38, "Today and Tomorrow: The Proof" released on New Year's Eve 1983:

"My earnest advice is: Only deal with or associate with those organizations licensed by RTC and auditors in good standing with the Church; close your ears to false statements made by bad hats and thus really clear the planet."

Good advice in 1983.

Good advice today.

Church of Scientology

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